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RB Farmers: Check GM

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41 minutes ago, dUdot said:

What should they do? "My teleport" is allowed :) Like online 24/7

It's much more complicated than that dudot. Since in here there isn't a monthly fee, well prestige packs are a kind of monthly fee, players are allowed to interfere with other players' game experience. Someone, well 98% of the players, can't fully access to the pvp part of the game because it's broken, if they can't even access to the pve content what will remain? Kartia and what they call on chronos k99 and we call nmkama? How someone is supposed to gear up?

Another part of the story it's that to fix this we need to have active gms online but no one can be found, since a long time.

It's all broken, far beyond any hope of repair. Who's in is in who's out is out.

Imho this is the first and only mmo where to have access to 98% or more of the game experience you have to pay the price normal ppl do pay for an house.

I want to underline that wasn't, never, an ncwest fault. The problem is that when the first brooch promo came out all of us purchased those packs or bought those packs with adena farmed in game. That's where all the troubles came. Now it's too late to solve those problem.

Imho a naia + freya merge can't solve them aswell. Too few players, only DH and Max and no one in between. I mean ok bandidos an husaria but 40 ppl can't make a server economy. To whom are we supposed to sell stuff? to max? lol.

Eventually there will be a full merge, aka all on chronos, aka the beginning of the end.


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I agree with Quitted: server merge is not option for this time. There is very big diffrence between starters and old players. If they just merge 2 servers, two sides become one (as always before). We need more sides for interesting game. It's just little hint for NC. Solution is simple, but why I must to give it for free? No one appreciates free tips. 


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