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Soulshot lags & Login problems

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@Juji @Hime Could you guys give us a report on the instabilities the server has been showing for the past weeks?
2 Maintenances ( one of them lasting almost 10 hours) didn't show any improvement, and the problems have consistently being felt on the servers : every single day this past 2 weeks we have soulshots lags and login problems ( can't login, or if you restart during the soulshot lag you get stucked on the loading screen, never making it to character selection or back into game again).

We have been patient and hoping that the issue gets resolved but it seems like it is harder/more complicated than it seems, since 2 maintenances didn't solve it.
Looking past it and into the future:
1- Is there any fix on the works or ready to be deployed ( next wednesday's maintenance) ? The soulshot lags have been happening during my prime game time, and if It continues, i would like to know so I don't buy the 7-days 100% runes during it and let it go to waste/ underused.
2- Is there a plan to compensate the losses sustained during this period? We got a lot of mass DC's, Inability to login, soulshot lags preventing us from keep grinding.
3- Is this lack of stability responsible for the lack of events on Classic? Are you guys waiting to fix it all so you can release an event or something like that?

I feel like worse than all these problems is that the Staff isn't communicating with the community and that gives all the wrong feelings about all of it.
Please, be open to communicate with us and make the forum a good place to hear our concerns and give us feedback. I know 80% of the posts in here are to either complain or ask for absurd things, but the Staff NEEDS to make the forum their primary source of communication with the player base. Answer the reasonable questions the players ask and give us clarity over what the plans are with our servers.

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+1 @killerPrice 100% agree with him/her

it would be nice any member of staff could answer on this topic about all these problems. nobody except staff knows what's going on with all issues (ss/bss lag, log in problems, future events) nobody tells us anything to keep community excited, please say something it doesnt cost much!

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