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Seems hard to find English speaking players...

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Hello my fellow gamers,

I have ran Shadow Consortium for almost 2 decades and we played the original L2 15 years ago on Kain server. We decided to start up Classic recently and after reading that it has the most NA players on Talking Island we decided to start up again there. But we are having a difficult time finding English speaking players in general. If they do speak it, it is very broken or they have ahard time understanding English.

I just wanted to post here to try to see if we can get a group together so we can understand eachother and be able to play in similar timezones. Please feel free to message me here or in game on Talking Island under Zoticx. Someone took Zotics apparently.

We do use voice chat to communicate as it is essential in PvP games. Feel free to stop in and intro duce yourselves on Discord Chat.


Hope to see/hear from fellow English speaking players soon, Thanks!

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There is a large English population on TI but, most of those English players have huddled together in clans at this point, you wont find many pubs.

Look at clans Apex, Camelot, Darkwrath, USA, Antisocial, bigbadwolves.

I don't know what Giran server is like but TI is very populated.

I am personally from Darkwrath - we are primarily USA.

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On Giran a ton speak english.

Euros and Latinos love L2, so its just sort of something you grow accustomed too as a primarily English speaking playing (aka NA). 

My CP and Clan are LU and RU, just something you get used to!

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