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I have noticed that since Fafurion the skill Rebirth skill does not always effect every party member. Even if they are right on top of the caster there is sometimes 1 or 2 that get no mana regen. Has anyone else has this issue?

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Best is to announce it always - like mana or rebirth in 1 min.

Feohs usually use crystal form apart ultimate body to mind to recover some mana, but if rebirth is announced they will wait for your mana.

For healing is easy to see that some tank cant be healed with your heals so you can use balance heal with effect over time and heal him with other skills when his super protection is over. But for rebirth it suck if fail as next mana cant be given after 10 minit.

Get Virgo, stage  1 is enough to have mana reserve in case other classes use self buff that prevent rebirth or in case you fall on  error to cast it during cele.

And always look that all are in range before casting

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