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  1. Thats funny, u think the same for real life??? People in a company should earn more money just cause they started working before??? My first time in lineage was with chronicle 1, should i own the server then??
  2. I get ur point, u worked for it, maybe u even paid real money for them (ur choice). Now, start new toon, dont use the adena or items u have farmed during years, just start with all the items u get for free, reach 105 and tell me how many parties do u find and how much adena u obtain...
  3. Ok ncsoft give us 30b in items when u reach 102, but u need equipment over 50b (armors arent usefull for tanks, seraph +3 gives better defense than exalted, weapons are worse than any r95 over +10...) to go to 105+ instances cause ppl dont want to go in a party with paulinas or exalteds equipment cause they want to finish fast the instance, how can u farm the 20b left with 1k adena drop??? I would invite all those u say now is much easier to go with me as healer equiped with exalted, and see if u complain cause i dont heal enough or i die to much...
  4. Next time think twice before posting nonsense... This patch helps none player, lvls 100-105 kill mobs that drop 300-400 adenas as much, how do u think they wiil buy the equipment to enter instances 105+??
  5. Maybe the best way is adding a check on display options to select in u want 5 bars or 4+1
  6. Since the patch every time i run the game i have to click again on apply changes cause the game started unmutted although i have checked the mute all sounds.
  7. Try changing the order, first assist part and next the follow part Or after the summonattack add 2 linex targeting %party1 again
  8. R and r95 can also be bestowed, u can do it in any blacksmith(i do it in aden)
  9. I created a char in naia on 2011 when goddes of destruction was launched for first time and l2 became "f2p", i stop playing for almost 8 years and the char is still alive
  10. anyone having problems with game?? i launch the game but cannot reach server selection
  11. Guys dont panic!!!!! Is the first time u install a launcher??? First, when u install the new launcher u have to choose region, choose north america, doesnt matter where u live, north america is ur option. Second, log in with ur credentials. Third, pause the update and go to settings (the wheel on te top). There u must change the path and select where u have ur l2 version, and also there u can change the "what todo with the launcher when starts the game", choose close launcher, so u will be able to launch lots of clients. Dont be panic, just search a bit... Hope
  12. When u open new launcher, before starting game, click on the wheel (settings) on the top, u have to select close launcher option in the combo where says what to do when launch game, its setted to minimize by default
  13. Rebirth doesnt work with inmunes, if u have celestial or any other inmune buff rebirth wont heal/recharge the pj
  14. With 1000 u rise from 90 to 94 if u start with some % in 90, so probably u will need about 2500 or more
  15. Same here, i had the knife before the patch, after the patch i failed on enchanting, i spoke to mammon and he gave me 1 knife and 7 scrolls to try enchanting again. I failed again and he doesnt give more knives, i tried aborting quest but nothing
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