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  1. They don't have direct bank transfer option so you are forced to use credit card and web shop with all fees. On web 20.000 ncoins is max offer with no difference on USD/EUR. So if you pay in EUR is 250 eur same as if you pay in USD also 250 USD. You can repeat purchase but don know how many times ( i paid 40.000 ncoins in same day - 500 eur). Time a go they had max 400 USD/month for security reasons or because their deals with prepaid cards GameStop, Amazon and similar which made non equal users from other regions. Evidently that rule restriction is removed now.
  2. 10 days passed. Got last email and closed support case as "solved". // Hi there, Thank you for understanding and patience regarding this matter. As of the moment, the Development Team is currently looking into this issue. For latest updates and news, please keep an eye on our official website and forum. We've provided you the links below for your reference: Website: http://www.lineage2.com/en/ Forums: https://forums.lineage2.com/ If you have any other concern, please let us know. Regards, GM Zerokin NCSOFT Support Team // I keep both eyes on l
  3. We need possibility to run it minimized with command line and all will be ok. But before run launcher to run L2 we need to know server status and number of players logged in. If not make it more democratic, add Martian region, do not mater if NCWest don't have licence for other planets as they don't have licence for Europe too. Btw is Cronos in south America and Naia in Oceania or is contrary or they are both in Japan and where is option to chose Japan region?
  4. Dead also all smartphone apps for status too.
  5. Will new launcher display servers status and number of players on servers? Will new launcher allow to log in my second account as box in same time? Will we be able to run launcher in minimized mode? Can we select which servers and players it can show - for example to show only server status and logged players for Oceania? Can we disable display and advertisement for all not L2 related? Will be launcher debugged and fixed before we will be forced to use it? Many apps for smartphone as well as certain web pages don't work and don't show server status and number
  6. Almost every forum on web have possibility to upload pic from you pc except htis one. Sem NCWest found cheapest forum software they could.. Even support page have upload possibility. Not to talk about forum 14 year a go which had it too together with avatar pic, signature, clan name and so on.
  7. No idea, Try too google translate it. Or maybe Yidao can help.
  8. Patch notes don't say many things. NC Soft don't say that their intention is to make players to play only on weekend when cursed swords do not spawn. Also not mention their wish to finance top clans with 5 bil on each sword each day in week except weekend. Limit Barrier is a myth as once you are under cursed sword effect you cant use any skill and its lesser problem you have. You need to kill cursed sword owner protectors too and that is a bit hard - top clans, top pvp gear. They will not give you a chance to try to get sword and 5 bil . You didn't see them? Owner of c
  9. Capitan Kurtiz in Aden is pretty selfish dont want to give non siege option to do For Victory quest. Bugged, broken link, something else or all together. Support GM have forwarded this information to their Quality Assurance (QA) Team.
  10. You confused me with someone else. If i change place is only because other people drop their auto party near me and start pk steal my mobs. Their party damage is bigger than me as feoh solo with healer so I end to not gain anything so I'm forced to find another spot. And about "ALL day" I'm there usually for one or two hours and also not all days in week (not almost all week but only cursed sword free days)
  11. I killed one once. It drop 3 boxes. each have 300k adena- no big deal. I wondered why i have feeling to be on buss station in Tanor valley as there is such a big traffic. I probably got answer here.
  12. Great info, thank you, we feel informed now. Just in case you didn't know, "the community" are paying customers. Btw gratz on new job.
  13. Enchanted valley two daily quests, each reward with mats, xp/sp and elcyum powder. In elven one quest give as reward mats, xp/sp and elcyum powder. So if tons on your accounts are lvl 103 each of them can get 3 elcyum powder per day. One party = 21 elcyum powder and that is just 7 accounts. but you can have infinite amount of accounts. Single party do more than 600 elcyum powder per month and don't pay baits. Not much but with possibility of having many parties this impacts market and elcyum prices and make fishing obsolete.
  14. I did not change opinion, NC Soft suck allowing so many accounts. Its hard to find free mobs with so many auto parties.
  15. You could do PVP also before changes on cursed swords system. New system make even bigger gap between normal players and "immortals" by giving them at least 200 bil + /month or 10 bil on both cursed swords each day. All those billions could be used to improve adena and item drop from mobs and make many more people happy than just few credit card warriors. Also daily event culminate on time when most people already logged off to sleep. And cursed swords got way too much harassing's buffs/skills. No-one of victims don't have any fun with that.
  16. You see how "classic" is popular even if is far away to be classic. 15 years a go nobody used TP and all used to walk from town to town or to hunting grounds as TP was too expensive . It was expensive even with fact that mob drops were not hard nerfed like today. So maybe we get more popular now. People will discover again that is possible to walk. And by walking you have less time to hunt and ofc less l2 store items to spend to bost your hunting so game play will become cheaper lol.
  17. Healer and Iss need both to be Bresed many times in many instances. And if you like prison then enjoy Balok without Bsoe
  18. Good idea, need to add same wish for hunting quests rewards Elcyum powder 1-hour and cursed swords 1-hour lol.
  19. Normal player must do fishing and pay more than 30k for each bait for very long time to get 7 elcyum powder.
  20. Enhanced valley is now full in a way that normal player cant to daily quest. When they lvl up a bit they will go in elven where situation is even worse as there one mob give quest point to all party members. So 200 mobs ( baby or child mobs) - 30 minit - 7 elcyum powder.
  21. All its intended. Removed numer of clients restriction to allow farm in mass. For example enhanced valley 1 auto party 100 mob quest - 7 elcyum powder. That's one party 100 mobs but you can have infinite number of clients and parties.
  22. Best is to announce it always - like mana or rebirth in 1 min. Feohs usually use crystal form apart ultimate body to mind to recover some mana, but if rebirth is announced they will wait for your mana. For healing is easy to see that some tank cant be healed with your heals so you can use balance heal with effect over time and heal him with other skills when his super protection is over. But for rebirth it suck if fail as next mana cant be given after 10 minit. Get Virgo, stage 1 is enough to have mana reserve in case other classes use self buff that prevent rebirth or in case
  23. Could bee that some feoh is under effect of crystal form ? Also who is soloing - ie run in next step of instance without waiting others and is out of range.
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