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  1. Blood Sword Akamanah bug

    Today i witnessed twice attack with Blood Sword Akamanah. Attack consisted with some sort of skill witch immobilize you for a lot of time and when immobility end teleport you in town. Once form Black Bird camp and once form inside refinery. This is twice by 90.000 adena - cost to get there in total 180.000 adena, not counting all paid buffs, potions and scrolls witch will expire in that way. Except in financial damage it have few other effects like stress and health problems. But biggest bug of all that is that it cause to log off and play something else.
  2. Glorious Brooch Event

    Well i didn't participate in this promo sale. They do not sel 6 slot brooch directly and indirectly upgrading cost too much. So why to buy if i don't have place to put it on.
  3. Any positive thanksgiving for this Fafurion update?

    //lol on 1. don't chat in party, don't spam with chat, macro buff text and similar, you can sit in town and chat how much you want. 2. don't know you but i need to click location too much times to be teleported, why pay 7 tp? One move other jump. 3. NC Soft suck allowing you 18 accounts. Big NO for so many accounts, sorry. 4. they could, but wasting resources and money on 15 year old game is not acceptable. 5. I miss forces with shared 1% for all party. 6. nerf is valid for previous freelancers and for all (50%) kicked out with new clan system. 7. new content must be paid, so hurry upgrade your gear. 8. I don't see xgencode running. Its cool that they removed spyware but now we are again without protection for PVP scripters and bots or we have something else not mentioned? // lol off I found positive thing too. For example before update I did more than half year on level 103 mobs as last solo mobs in game. Now we got level 106 mobs too. Gap stil exist but si better than nothing and is doable.
  4. What happened to Level3 Party Bonus M.Atk+14%?

    Not all of "We". More than half got kicked with new clan version.
  5. Dark /Bloody R99 upgrade to r110

    Many forums have restrictions As this forum don't have any instructions i changed them from bmp to gif to reduce size. Could use png or jpeg as is not full screen pic, will consider it next time.
  6. Dark /Bloody R99 upgrade to r110

    Why? IM learning how to upload pics here. Because we don't have possibility to do it directly like on support page . I posted pics in past but I used not L2 forum to upload pics there and from there with "Insert other media/ Insert image from URL" But I'm not member of that forum and even if i would be i don't want to upload gaming pics there.. So at first I used Microsoft One Drive and used links from there. With help of One Drive I posted two pics https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/12727-lineage-ii-fafurion-system-changes/?do=findComment&comment=93544 and https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/12816-live-server-update-wednesday-may-15-2019/?do=findComment&comment=93361 But within one or two days checking and I found only pic placeholder instead of pic. So I decided to register on imgur, After a lot of effort and learning this two pics here above are result. I don't know whay is different, if you click on first one it open here a bit bigger but clicking on second one it open on imgur. Also don't know why quality is different, probably I did some mistakes. Ah after a lot troubles with that imgur I see that my first pics from One Drive are back lol. Btw I don't have programs and knowledge to photoshop or something like that if your question amin on this.
  7. Dark /Bloody R99 upgrade to r110

    I found fun things. I don't know why devs did it but - Masochists will be happy. You can also downgrade lower level weapons. In suicide process you can downgrade for example +9 Blessed Specter Dualsword into +9 Amaranthine Dualsword without loosing enchantment. Cost of fun is - loosing blessed status, loosing 27 points of P.atk. 32.189 Crystal (R Grade), 312 Gemstone R, 46.820.670 adena, 23 Crystal of Determination.
  8. Server time

    What time is server time - GMT? For example update patch notes.. The frequency of the Keucereus Alliance Base Defense Battle has been changed as follows. Every Friday 9:00 AM Server Time after update. I didn't see NPC in Gludio today and also no Erda NPC at Keeucereus Alliance Base.
  9. Dye system dye powder

    You must have applied dye slots on main/dual to be able to use Engrave Simbol menu and to add dye powder as extra bonus.
  10. Dark /Bloody R99 upgrade to r110

    I don't understand what is easy here. Pics posted show that you must destroy a lot of armor parts with 51% chance to get 2 crystals of protection on each try. To collect 115 of them as pic show. And this is only one armor part, you need to destroy more and gamble more for four remaining armor pieces. Plus shield or sigil if ever will be possible.
  11. Server time

    I found. siege is for 26.5 so next week and not now. But that mean not every Friday and yes AM is a problem.
  12. Lineage II: Fafurion System Changes

    Lol I posted question for server time in Game Question forum section because of Keucereus event missing. Let see if tomorrow will be dim raid, if not them Sunday siege can be missing too? Found - siege is for 26.5. so we jumped one week.
  13. Servers status? Any official solution or application to see servers status and number of players on it without logging and guessing?
  14. Lineage 2 PK system pool

    Don't worry people. We have xgencode to protect us from script warriors. Fact that i cant find it in running processes does not mater, we believe that nc soft delivered their product with almost a year of testing and must bee perfect. Lagometer show how much time we (lagging) are behind Korea with this update and that show how much time our testers worked hard to deliver product without bugs and overseen mistakes. Have fun, pvp scripts are on, bots are on and no pk penalty. As mixa say just do your macro right and all issues, bugs and everything else people complain for immediately disappear.
  15. Lineage II: Fafurion System Changes

    Do we have some new antibot software running because i don't see xgencode or we are back without protection?
  16. Lineage II: Fafurion System Changes

    Is true, it have significant improvements but price too. Right now need 102 elcyum, 750 gemstone R and 8.970.000,000 adena as is shown on npc Ferris. Then will need 150 crystals with gambling in applying proces so probably at least 300 of them. Then will need to get enough adena to buy two Heavenly scrolls as I cant buy them with hero coins (consumed all 5 possibilities). Then to wait red libra in hope to be able to change it in melee weapon in order to apply Heavenly scrolls, pay that. Then change it back to mage weapon and pay again. Then if argumentation was removed in proces need to wait an event with free removal of argumentation and ofc to collect enough stones, gemstones, adena to get augmentation back on weapon. In all that time (maybe year or two) new R110 will be introduced or actual ones will get cheaper with a risk that all expenses one need to do today are not worth it.
  17. Lineage II: Fafurion System Changes

    Sorry i don't know but why should you? Oh if you are clan leader owning castle then maybe to get Stars hatchling into flaying dragon. But all other purposes strider is useless same as hatchling except that he eat more and his gear is more expensive. Hatchlings are soo cute.
  18. Wondrous Cubic still drop items lower than R grade for example today I got Cube fragment armor - A must be very useful on leviathan armor.
  19. I didn't check with this aura but healer and feoh aura don't give anything to party any more.
  20. New summon. I can summon some kind of black box. Its way more cool than walking stone on a leash as a pet. Btw this black box is only thing that leveled in last half year and showing me how much we are nerfed.
  21. Seem a lot of things don't work. There is Angel Cat which is sorry for server inconvenience but don't give buffs or anything.
  22. Anyone know how to do etina solo? Leona blackbird in front of atelia refinery teleport don't know anything about. Also Leona blackbird in outlet too (only party). I didn't check Leona blackbird in HB jet, i gave up lol.
  23. Lineage II: Fafurion System Changes

    i need to pay 102 elcyum to downgrade from +12 to +10 with very little damage gain (about 30 m.atk points) Seem I cant effort so expensive downgrade for now.
  24. Lineage II: Fafurion System Changes

    I leveled Sayha not for hunting but for her crafting possibilities but ended disappointed and pissed with results.