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Ok, So i fished my 101 Tank main too 102..  Now i can either sell the goods from fishing, then fish too 103..  Or Sell the goods and put it toward +10 Heavy Armor ( Currently using +8 Bloody Heavy )

You think the lvl too 103 i better to do now because of the fishing event? then worry about armor later on.. ?

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gear > lvl

unlike ISS who get very good skills at 103 and again at 105 tanks got their prime skills at 101 so the gear part factors in way more at this point, the XP will follow as long as you play actively

if money/resources ain't an issue for you and/or you don't like to XP keep fishing

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dont try to lvl up too fast to 103, 101 tanking is like first day of school of farming tanking and big room control , you will have plenty of invitations dont worry for tank leveling , get a nice shield, remember some rates of tanking depend of shield , nice m def jewells, forget b.zaken if you dont have dragon jewells use istina , octavis  special coc earings etc, to inprove your m def

get the anakim for p def , your dyes con, diamond, pearl and tanzanite,  you have a lot of things to buy

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