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What should I focus on?


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Hello, how are you?

I would like to know what is the main focus that increases archer damage, p.atack, p.critical.dmg or skill.power?

I ask this because I want to know what ability point and dual class certificates I should choose ...

I currently have master rage (skill power) and death

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ok guys, i'm trying to invest in critical dmg skill and i believe its not so bad ... but what is hard to do is give critical skill (to be honest, this is a bad chance of critical skill)

Any tips you can give me on what to improve without spending horrors?

120 str 88 dex 58 cha (dyes +10 dex +10 cha +5 str)
skills +10
set blessed +10
noble circlet authority
bow blood +12 (p.skill critical dmg +10 +7 p.atack +5)
bless valaks antharas earth wyrn baium soul bless zaken
shirt +7 lidia belt
5 jewels +3
7s longing abundance 1 venir 12
agathion paulina +8
artifacts lvl 3 and book buff lvl 2

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