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Few ideas fors sieges/epics and overal game


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as we know top clans in few servers owns all or almost all castles by themselves because top geared pts defending their box clan castles. so i suggest that only if you are registered for attacking castle you can enter siege zone(or minimum castle itself). this either prevents top clans from owning all castles or force them to be without castle themselves because you can get top gear on all of toons to defend all box clan castles.

about dragons and other epics. to stop ppl with top gear killing them in 10s or so I suggest to make dmg cap on them like 'KAIN' has during keucereus defense event. this way even if top dd tires to solo it he need to hit him for like 1h or 2h minimum or he cant kill it solo at all because hp regen. this way epic bosses will be little harder to kill and impossible or takes to long to solo kill in few seconds. also all epics should have some sort of true dmg attack form like in tauti or istina where you either have to use tank ud or die 1 hit. this way its more challenging and prevents from just staking a lot of afk box chars to kill it.

lastly about some class changes. as example evisicator is invincible for 30s minimum with his steel mind. to balance it alitle it should be changed to be same type buff as tyrrs or healers ud so you can either cancel it during oly or use topaz etc. also maximum hp drop should be increased from 1hp to 20-30% to balance cancel chance and or topaz possibility, also it should get debuff immune thing like healers ud if it loss its impossibility to die.

to balance tyrrs and summons during pvp/oly they should get like flat pvp dmg increase or decrease as passive. for summoners it should be pets pvp dmg increase and their pvp deff or just flat p/m deff increase. for tyrrs something like +5% pvp dmg and pvp deff should  help them in oly(i know it wont change a thing in global pvp arena)

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Both ideas are very good actually. The game mechanics have been completely shattered by the hyper op items offered by the store.

What's the use of raids and dragons when 90% of the population never sees them. A single handicap kills a dragon/raid in less than 10 sec, but normal players would take 30-60 min to kill.

Instancing everything, including sieges may be a viable option. Whenever wants goes and farms dragons, raids, does sieges etc, instanced.

But I guess with the impending end coming to l2@ncwest these things aren't that important after all.


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