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Question about hero Coins


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Hello good afternoon. I want to buy the 2,400 Ncoin Rune Pack but I would like to send a maphr shirt to my dwarf using the Hero's coins I will receive when buying these Ncoins. It's possible? How should I do it? Will Ncoins come to my account before I buy the Pack or just buy the pack? In case I could buy the Ncoins in my crafter's account, use the hero coins and gift the rune pack for my main character, is it possible?

Someone can help me please :)



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Maphr Shirt is not giftable or tradeable(need to buy/enchant on the right Toon)

Hero Coins are sent with "GIFT" Item(Gift Tradeable Items to the Toon you want Hero Coins on.)

I'm not sure but I think there are some XP Runes etc. which are sold in a tradeable package.

Then you can trade items for main to use, or sell them on open market.

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