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To GM and Developers, Mass DB Port to New 3D Engine ever been discussed?

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To GM and NC-developers,

Most important asset in my opinion of the current Lineage2 are the database of all the assets owned by active players.  Has anyone thought about extending the longevity of the game by porting all the database of all items into a new game interface that is free from the restriction of a nearly 20 year old 3D engine?

One has to admit from 1999 to 2019 GPU has come a long long way - so much so, it probably warrant a discussion.  With all the money NCsoft has made, would it be possible to give the game a complete facelift so graphics can be totally revamped without destroying the current active player's database of items and gears?

Maybe efforts has already been made in the Graphics options for HDR1,2,3, etc. but overall, the 3D engine is still heavily relying on CPU not GPU and there is only so much coding that can be done to a 20 year old 3D engine.

How about this serious request?  

Create a game function, in which a gaming sequence has been recorded and that datafile can be port into a visual raytracing engine that's designed to produce a cinematic graphics based on the viewing camera angle of the 3d recording we currently have in game?    Basically, Lineage2 client doesn't change but if we want to show off to friends how cool lineage2 is... we can run the entire video sequence through an updated texture mapping of Light Elfs, Humans, etc. all the weapons, buildings, skys, etc.?   I believe this shouldn't be that difficult and it's probably worth the effort since it does not impact gameplay in any way but it offer us an eye candy to what it could be.  And this side project of all the texture mapping and more detailed graphics can be re-used in the future should a full port happen one day.

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42 minutes ago, GhostintheShell said:

Hogwash.  I'm talking about porting Lineage2 database of skills and items but I do get your humor on Aion but I am being serious about being able to create cinematic using rich texture mapping of our Lineage2 world.

He is not kidding about the Aion thing. The early code of L3 was stolen by ex-employies and there was a huge scandal back then. The project was ultimately cancelled.

Also there are no such plans, it's s dying game and NCsoft is much more interested into mobile games now. Also the databases and everything are property of NCSoft and not the account holders, including ALL items and everything related.

Not enough money if any are interested in L2 anymore and I'm quite confident that there won't be any change of engine and /or complete graphics overhaul.

Just be happy with what you have as it is and as long as it lasts.

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