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Blessing Scrolls

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Marrameow    1

At every event that there are Blessing Scrolls, the rate to get R grade is easy 90%+  -  rate to get R95 could be 8%? and R99 is like probably a system error :D

I suggest that you could implement an option in blacksmith's mammon to give for example:

10 R-grade Blessong scrolls + GE/adena  = 1 R95 blessing scroll
10 R95-grade Blessing scrolls +GE/adena = 1 R99 blessing scroll

note; numbers I give as idea are random,

The point of this idea is that we have not R/R95 population and this items are useless as the modify scroll from instances! The difference between modify scrolls and R blessing is that we are spending MANY $ FOR ABSOLUTLY NOTHING



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mixa    246

Spend less on the "promos" and you'll have less of this useless stuff. Problem solved.

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