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Equip 2 agathions


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2 hours ago, Mrjunior said:

then is not possible when u have a guard agathion equiped to use skill from taurus etc? because i see it has slots for sub agathion skills or smth like that

This is for Charms, which are kind of not entirely functional on this version.I think you can still use the 15 and 30 day charms though

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12 hours ago, Mrjunior said:

hi i have paulina and taurus agathion but how i can use both of them at same time?

Yes, u can, if u have evolved taurus u can equip on sub slots the paulina agathion + anakim agathion + zodiac agathions of limited time 15 days for example, depends all if u have ur taurus evolved and on wich stage if 1 or 5

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