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1 hour ago, JonIrenicus said:

Hey guys, please advice on the best Tank for Orc race?  And which one has the skill to lure in mobs... you know that red fog thing I'm seeing around that makes mobs automatically attack tanks?

Eva's Templar.

There aggression aura is a toggle and every tank has it.

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1 hour ago, JonIrenicus said:

I thought evas templar is only elf 

Nope, you can change to it with chaos essence or if it's your dual class, then either go directly ET, reset the current one to ET or change it during red libra event.

Also chaos essence (dual) can be used to change the archtype if you already have a tank of different race as your dual class.

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Ok to make it clear

Its is possible to change your race. so if you want to be Main class tank and ORC race you have to invest Ncoins for a race change ticket.

If you dont care If your main or dual is the tank only ORC is a must then creat a ORC and choos tank as sup.


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