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Exalted & Dual Class


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Any plans on being able to use the exalted books while on a dual-class instead of main class ?

I have a toon that I have only been leveling up its dual class on but I can't use Spellbook: Dignity of the Exalted

Dual class is 104 & can do the exalted quests,& turn in the quest while on dual class. Just can't use the books ???

Main class is only level 99


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While you can't learn them on your duel class once they apply to your main they also apply to your duel. I would suggest leveling your main up, I know some people hate their mains but if you want exalted you need to level your main to 105 at least, the final quest I think is 110 now. GL.

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I could swear i accidentally turned in 1 exalted quest and received the next while on my dual class. in fact it after receiving the next quest said i needed to be level 103 and kill some monsters, my dual was 102 and when i had the right amount of monsters killed so i switched back to main to turn in quest and it worked.

I have never tried using the books on dual class though.

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