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bishop/cardinal help


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Umm... It should be maxed with +5 wit (from dyes) and BW robes, but you should not have +12 wit from dyes. ATM classic only allows +5 max so +3 wit -3 men or int and +2 wit - 2 men or int.


Also, if you have not bought new dyes since third class transfer those dyes no longer work and should look greyed out. I would look at your character stats and see if you have the correct dyes. Press T and look you should have 28 WIT total from +5 dyes and +3 BW



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For reference to what I mean about the dye looking greyed out. If you look at the below examples, the dye should not look like the first one but the second one.

Greyed Out: https://ibb.co/rGXLjyW

Working Dye: https://ibb.co/9YCyStP


Remotely logging in the pixels suck, but you should get what I mean

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On 2020. 02. 08. at 6:24 AM, fantastic said:

cardinal should deserve 100% res

Every Cardinal in general or just one?

If just one which one? Top level or Hero or Purest heart of the user by physhology test or just yours?


I think the limitation isn't there because the Cardinals are evil and deserve punishment. It is there because death should have "some" penalty in general I guess.

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