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We still have in game a tons of useless zone, for example:

  •  Ant Nest: 29~38
  • Cruma Tower: 40~51
  • Devil's Isle: 92~92
  • Nornil's Cave: 93~38
  • Swamp of Screams: 66~74
  • Valley of Saints: 60~67
  • Hot Springs: 73~76
  •  Ketra Orc Outpost: 77~80
  • Varka Silenos Barracks: 77~80
  • Monastery of Silence: 78~78
  • Forsaken Plains: 56~62
  • Death Pass: 35~59
  • Forgotten Temple: 27~33
  • Langk Lizardman Dwellings: 16~25
  • Fairy Settlement: 88~92

There are a little list of fantastic exping zone, but totally useless.

Now, with "tutorial quests", we can reach lv. 85 in 25/30 minutes, and in less than 24h we can get lv. 100+, so, my suggestion is: increase level of those farming zone! 
This can be a good soluction for:

  1. No more PK for steal spots
  2. Your server will be more light, 'cause no need upload info to every players
  3. More fun

Another little suggestion, that everybody now will say: "Shut up we still want play like this!" :D Maybe you can introduce a way for limit this macro farming, you have players that are online 24/7 online, and this increase your latency problems.

Anyway, I'm not a developer or other, I'm just a graphic designer xD
I hope you will listen your players and find a soluction :)



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+++ !!!!

Half map absolutely useless!!!

Make 105/107/109+ more zones, like ToI / Dwarven/Kamael Village / for example alternative for Tanor/Field of Silence/Forest of Mirrors

I want my room in ToI !!! :/ I miss ToI :x

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I agree with most

Most of the map is useless, Lineage prides in been a truly open world, but we have the same 2 or 3 zones for 100+ 105+ 107+... It´s boring actually

I would add something to this = bring back the party bonus xp... Make it so the more ppl a party has the more xp gains, that way you wont see spots taken by 3, 2 or even 1 pj, (I usually see 1 char lvl +108 in EV zone 103+ hunting alone cause he gains more xp that way than in high lvl zone with pt), if you make that bonus, the pt room will fill with ppl lf party, the game would become more social and more ppl with more money will come

I dont agree with something, the pk system, just because I cant kill you doesnt mean i cant take your spot, I can just log in my pt, activate it in the spot where you are and you´ll eventually leave because i´ll have more dmg and you´ll run out of mp (it has been done to me), for example I have experienced times when a whole pt comes to the spot im currently hunting, and I tell them to leave and if they dont respond I pk them.

so yeah, getting pk is annoying, but it can also be usefull, besides L2 is a Game with pvp and clan wars, thats the only reason i´m still here to be honest.

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