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  1. 7 Day Vit Maintainer

    latency compensation for 1 ncoin... shame
  2. Farm Zone

    +++ !!!! Half map absolutely useless!!! Make 105/107/109+ more zones, like ToI / Dwarven/Kamael Village / for example alternative for Tanor/Field of Silence/Forest of Mirrors I want my room in ToI !!! I miss ToI
  3. What means : Will be deleted after event ends ? No standart weapon exchange anymore? for 667 gems? (R-grade) Elder Black Weapon Exchange Grade Fee Restrictions Requiem/ Apocalypse Standard 1 Requiem/Apocalypse Weapon 115,102,500 Adena Event, Bound, or Supply Weapons cannot be exchanged Enchant level, Augments, and Soul Crystal SAs will transfer over to the new weapon Weapon appearance stones will not transfer over Will be deleted after event ends Blessed 1 Blessed Requiem/Apocalypse Weapon 196,365,000 Adena Specter Standard 1 Specter Weapon 220,080,000 Adena Blessed 1 Blessed Specter Weapon 412,650,000 Adena Amaranthine Standard 1 Amaranthine Weapon 727,462,500 Adena Blessed 1 Blessed Amaranthine Weapon 1,173,037,500 Adena Dark 1 Dark Amaranthine Weapon 2,500,050,000 Adena Bloody 1 Bloody Amaranthine Weapon 2,500,050,000 Adena Boss Weapons Tauti/Kelbim/Shadow 1 Tauti/Kelbim/Shadow Weapon 776 Gemstone R-grade Can only exchange weapons of the same boss name (example: Kelbim Bow to Kelbim Dagger) Frenzied Tauti/Insane Kelbim/ Enhanced Shadow 1 Frenzied Tauti/Insane Kelbim/ Enhanced Shadow Weapon 776 Gemstone R-grade Krishna Standard 1 Krishna Weapon 2,627,175,000 Adena Enchanted 1 Enchanted Krishna Weapon 3,022,072,200 Adena Dark / Bloody 1 Dark/Bloody Krishna Weapon 4,914,529,200 Adena Limited 1 Limited Krishna Weapon 6,901,902,000 Adena
  4. Make ppl happy

    Dear ! Make ppl happy! Keep some events permanent!!! for ex: libra/compas/fortune why create oviotage? people want to buy, buy, and buy more without flash sell... the game should bring pleasure, and not annoyance at the fact that did not have time to buy something /kiss
  5. 11:43-11:44 11:48-11:49 11:54-11:55
  6. Please let us know if you see experience the latency delay. 11:26-11:27 +3 UTC
  7. check rewards of The Letter Collect Event i got x1 Elcyum Powder from TOGETHER .... not Elcyum =) gimme my elcyum
  8. what up? 3:23 allready down.. when servers up? no info..
  9. also no Etina (solo) / ISS buffs dont work like toggle / NPC and character in Kartia 85 (solo) got flagged, when attack mirror...
  10. How to increase clan lvl (need 100500 trlns clan point) with half of clan members Will there be any changes? Or increase time doubles?
  11. Clan Lvl (Fafurion)

    Will there be any changes? Or increase time doubles? cant read bro?
  12. Naia DOWN

  13. Naia DOWN

  14. Naia down

    nice part of event... guys! does not hold 15k people! need to put a new iron)))
  15. Wasting boosts

    Y, and free passes for lost instances
  16. Producer's Letter - January 2019

    Hello! when we got full Orfen ? http://lineage2.plaync.com/board/update/view?articleId=633502 thx.
  17. Flash Sell !!!

    how many $ NCsoft lots w/o this? )) and its bit reduce price for goods in game
  18. Flash Sell !!!

    suggestion: circlets/cloaks/shirts/jewels and other "flash sell" goods make permanent !!!
  19. My New Suggestion

  20. Fishing sistem

    UP! Wote! We need more voises))
  21. Fishing sistem

    Make pls : Mid/High Grade fishing quest (1000 cutch with x10/ 10000 cutch x100 reward) like on Factions (low/mid/high) be cool, anyway fishing for afk online...
  22. Fishing sistem

    omg! what's the matter is faction lvl?? you didnt understand point of suggestion? ppl want to fishing at night or when afk, and dont lost reward boxes! cose i say "like" other factions (grade rewards low-1 / mid-10 / high-100)... ps: sometimes it is better to be silent than to speak.
  23. Many hours left! we got breaking !!! Hime! please! Help Us !!!
  24. Fishing sistem

    I don wanna kiss youre knife, cose you are even dont understand, what you are reading fore! 1000 cutch x10 box reward, 10000 cutch x100 box reward! Make ppl happy !!! UP