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Junk Yard Dogs are back!


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Tired of the silence? Want a voice? Tired of being imprisoned until you are ubar level? Well come join the Dogs. Level 7 clan offering a home for all the strays who just dont fit in at the moment. Stay as long as you like. Play as often as you wish we dont judge. After being in Lineage for over 10 years it saddens me how it has become a very unsocial game so come hang with us. We took a break about 2 years back to deal with real life (because you can) and through the graciousness of the support team retrieved my old account. (Thank you again). So stop on by msg or mail me and maybe it will be a great starting place, or restarting place for returning members.  Let's make everything old new again! : )

Mama Bethra

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I want to thank everyone for the positive out pour of applicants that have joined the clan so far. A very great diverse group and a pleasure to be around and play with. For those putting in applications in the clan entry - I do check every day, several times a day - I just seem to have a hard time hooking up with people when they are on line. Do me a favor and please put in the message section the time zone you're in and the best time to find you on line.



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