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WTS/T/B Good Stuff


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  • lv.3 Vital -> 150Mil but buyer brings the 17 powders
  • lv.4 Vital -> 3bil but buyer brings the 113 powders
  • lv.4 Emerald -> 5bil but buyer brings the 113 powders


  • +10 PVE Light Armor Gloves with adenaz for +12
  • +11 PVE Light Armor Leggings with adenaz for +12
  • Venir 16 with adenaz for 20


  • +14 R99 Hvy Itemz
  • +12 PVE/Bless/Standard R99 Light Leggings & Gloves
  • Scorpio & Pisces 15/30 days Charms
  • Storm Scrolls
  • Glowing Dragon Potions
  • Venir 20

pm me prices here or ingame @Chronos at same name

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On 13/12/2017 at 12:25 AM, Draecke said:

+13 Bless R99 Shield with adenaz for +14


why u need this if ur participation in pvp is 0 ? since 2014 on naia i remember u always sit on town selling/buying items and shouting lf a more OE shield, so why u need this ? to tank better the mobs ? u dont leave peace zone, dont participate in the few pvps on dragons when nova go, no olys, so ?

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Fooz like tevas doesn't have any +18's for sale, just looking for offers to see if it's worth making one and like tevas & Truffle same prices apply - zero difference between them 3

Thx for the free bump and reminding me I forgot to put this also on Naia's trade section :)

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