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  1. Botting?

    After I watch this video somebody post it yesterday I’m sure now not all are afk macro and in game option
  2. Dragon Pouch, Shame on You

    The price you win is already extra rewarding don’t ask for more .
  3. Latest Yul Guide

    your clans pants are still at dion come fetch them . careful not to leave yours also .
  4. Latest Yul Guide

    Your clan ported 1 cp to dim siege after 1 st fight they left and forgot there underpants at siege zone . Come collect them . They are at Dion gate . Some yull with low gear but setup close to the one I wrote above took them and threw them at the field of Dion
  5. Latest Yul Guide

    Clan who doesn’t show on dim siege is not even a pvp clan . Max clan and all his allies biggest joke clan ever . Scared to show up on siege .btw shops doesn’t sell during siege time you should go fishing
  6. Latest Yul Guide

    btw you are the only player on naia to pvp from shop in aden .Keep it up .
  7. Latest Yul Guide

    All skill +20. Dyes all 5str 5 cha , broonch : any lvl 6 jewels should be good as far as you 6/6 lvl 6 jewels , epics rare acc pack and +10 angels ring , +8 pvp set upgrade to +16 pvp set , hair acc : +5 radiant , agathion all must be stage 5 evolved , artifact not many options need to have all 4 fighter , you are missing dragon bow stage 2 or stage 3 , talismans all on skill power , shirt radiant +5 and you are good to go and hf . Cloak pve +20 with 15% skill p and 7,5 % skill crit dmg .
  8. New Greater Jewel's

    Greater jewels on Black Friday sales ?
  9. NOVA took RUNE

    Nova managed to cast rune castle with a lot of pvp . Ms brought useless dagger on chronos and lost castle .nobody is playing dagger anymore except MS . This shows how noob MS CLAN IS .
  10. Radiant +5 shirt

    The shirts look good for me 130$ and you have combined all 3 previous shirts . Also you can sell the scrolls and make some adena . So over all this event I got a +0 shirt , 8 lvl crystal in cheap price , learned a few skills with cheap rune stones and made a few skills +10 and +14 . The event was good for the average class .
  11. Radiant +5 shirt

    As far as you have +1-2 radiant the difrence to +5 in terms of buff boost and stats from shirt is minor . And as ppl sayed to this post it won’t help you survive a dragon weapon stage 2 . But radiant shirts are definitely great for pve .
  12. Ultimate & Transcendent Eternal Armor

    Interesting tests are going on nowadays . I have big interest to see more tests from this guy ( dash ) . Shame that they report this guy and disturb his tests .
  13. Radiant +5 shirt

    Are rated same with our server ? because if @draecke sayes he know ppl who already have this shirts + 5 this means somehow they found plenty of scrolls . And there are probably not even close to 1000 to chronos .
  14. Radiant +5 shirt

    It will be a funny siege to watch with this new shirts anyway they look op . So let’s see .
  15. Radiant +5 shirt

    It’s stupit if somebody posses hight lvl items but doesn’t want others to know about it . I remember old dayes were p should shout non stop there precious ++++ weapons or armies on chat and would let everybody know about it . End game players are maximum 10 . Player from chronos that I would say they have sutch shirts are those with dragon weapons or +20++ weapons . Rest are just a meat shield no matter if they have the shirt or not . So they should be happy to posses an end game item and feel comfortable to link it and make the server know who the big boys are .