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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHe-PfnkCPs shake 2 months ago https://youtu.be/mfPoqy9rgXw and chronos server not long time ago https://youtu.be/InkBqxxDq9Q
  2. Well said but nobody have too much money to spend and those who do spend are mostly new players because old big spenders stop the game after watching the situation of exploits , gms take no actions since they don’t know what’s going on in game . The games biggest problem was the bot and now gms recently with the restoration policy gave free space to cheaters to exploit game with the help and support of ncwest support . Shame to see how big dmg this restoration policy have done and sad to watch gms take no actual actions against those who abused it . Ofc gms read this posts and laugh but well after all it’s a game and who cares , at least we as players did the best we could and informed them about the situation after all it’s on there hands . Let’s not forget the post some player from chronos did few months ago about the game problems before the ms clan quit the game and split into smaller clans . Even after the biggest clan disbanded and left server because of the l2 problems 2-3 months after we see no changes . Is there a hope and will support start taking there clients and there problems more seriously . Past have shown they will not !
  3. All good server is free and those who made this shilen lvl 10 made them for free . Why pay when you can get anything for free , just need to cheat . Meanwhile I’m laughing with the anti bot system .
  4. All this is @juji job I did my tests and do them after every update . Things chance as the line change . With few changes can get extra +- 20% cd reduction because game is 2 broken . Reporting anything won’t solve anything coz they change stuff every update . I have to say one thing , game is 2 broken and formulas sky rock with certain item combinations and a little bit of exploits . Let’s not forget the latest exploit of 80% Lady Luck on pvp that some top players where using . Have fun to this game and let the explorers take over the world of l2 .
  5. Test 1 eva + B valakas + lvl 6 aqua Vs test 2 Eva’s vs light let . Test 1 1200 sec - 20% = 960 sec - b valakas 5% = 912 - aqua 5% = 866,4 sec vs test 2 Eva’s 1200- 20% = 960sec - light set 10% = 864 sec . Your math and logic are stronk? Not sure if this even gonna make any sense to you since you must be able to understand that white is white and black Is black . And not white black or the opposite . The formula you posted is non sense and before answer to further posts on forums make an elementary research about how this game even works .
  6. How does the game know witch item to put in first priority . What you say doesn’t make sense . Test 1 So if chat have 0% skill cd but add Eva’s rune give 20% cd the reuse will be From 1200 sec 960 sec test 2 if 4 diff items of 5% cd =977 sec
  7. How does the game know witch item to put in first priority . What you say doesn’t make sense .
  8. Everything that ppl doesn’t like this days is an exploit .
  9. The event cursed swords should be removed from the game. Soon ppl will find way to brake chests from Sos safe zone .
  10. Well said . Don’t forget to include the old shirts who doesn’t share cd with the new ones .
  11. Well sayed , lvl 10 new dyes . most of those who made all those with restoration abuse now have all 3 slots lvl 10 and I’m still laughing with @juji and @hime about how they punish and search for those abusers . I bet after juji ban MS clan From chronos and lost all this big Wales who moved To Eu core server , is now afraid that on next ban not to loose his income . Well funny thing is That the actual players who he ban was the most legit of all . So let me just say this . - hahahaahahahahahahahahahah
  12. Why on dagger after jumping on another player while he is moving I’m getting black screen and loss of target ? Anybody have notice same issue ?
  13. What about other ru bot program why nc doesn’t take any actions ?
  14. We are having a DW event . easy to get stage 1 and a bit harder stage 2 . Not sure how much money you have but right now our pockets are empty . Brooch the market if full from the last events . sayha talisman 1 day drops for free and god jewels every event drop bottles for all 3 types .
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