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  1. Shilen crystal restoration abuse

    we will soon know if @juji cares about this exploits
  2. Shilen crystal restoration abuse

    Make sure to take action against all players .
  3. Dragon Zone PVP

    200 pts Not really .
  4. Community thinks that what degus sayed is the Truth and telling the truth is not rude . We think that if you would care for us you would have fixed the lag issue .
  5. Make Dragon zone a PVP zone

    That would only benefit andruile he is the one and only to never leave town . So no thanks .
  6. Make Dragon zone a PVP zone

    Siege is pvp , dragon is pve so those with pvp gear focus on siege those with pve focus on dragons . Raids is pvp and pve . @juji this is how things are and should be .
  7. When the server comes up there is no lag . By the time bots log in lag starts to pop up . @juji what about solving lag problem ?
  8. It’s part of the game you better get used of it .
  9. I have friends richer than yous and think the server is sh....t and will be sh....t and they actualy play the game . They say ok this guys got banned but did the bugs got fixed ?
  10. You dont need to know even walking on all this xyz crazy off road terrain paths can get you banned .
  11. The game with the most bugs who never get fixed no matter what . I bet juji is laughing right now And ms getting banned maybe it was intended to merge finally naia and chronos . Soon we should see transfers up . Lets all just laugh hahahah
  12. Agree but I didn’t even read . The text is just 2 big make sure next time to make it 98% smaller .
  13. Jump Glitch-Bug-Cheat

    You have a point .
  14. Jump Glitch-Bug-Cheat

    Most ppl knew about it nobody reported it what’s is all this fuzz about . This game is broken . They should remove The my teleport action already and also remove the teleport option from The ui and put back to old school system .
  15. Upcoming PK System Changes - Discussion

    @juji talk to me about pk . Key word drop gear ! Usually when this system comes out we will see some new dw , bloody weapons , Armors , jewels . It have happened before . Corruption , I don’t know .