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Pet Disappears


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Any one have a pet vanish from them while in game? if you leave a pet dead in game does it vanish over time? i use pet on my ISS to macro run to it and i noticed it had vanished, i was online for a longer time than i usually am, maybe there is a time limit you can leave the pet dead? kinda weird happened twice now.

Maybe need to rez and then re kill every now and then?

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It depends on the pet...Basic pets which need to level up, get fed, wear armor etc.(Wolf/Hatchling/Baby pets)can not be re-summoned when dead and need to be resurrected within 24hrs or they disappear. A Minion pet automatically becomes your level when summoned(Turtle/Shaman/Toy Knight/Clan exclusive etc) and can be re-summoned dead or alive until their timer expires.


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Ok, i had a baby pet and i left it dead for longer than 24hours as i was using it as a target for my ISS to run back to after buffing..Lesson learned. Thank you for the confirmation.
I will just make sure to rez the pet every now and then.

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