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Mentor and Mentee Fostering clan quest and Olympiad


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Patch notes: Quests: Changed to increase the Mentee Fostering clan quest count while a mentor is participating in the Olympiad.

What does it means. I was today on Oly, 1 match, I win but nothing happend, or i cannot see some change on mentor or mentee. Should it count  to Mentee development clan quest? Or shoud it increas a count or reset clan quests count on mentee? Not from this happed for me.

@Juji? bug or i miss something?

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On 25. 4. 2020 at 10:37 AM, Nymphadorae said:

It means that when your mentee graduates, it counts for the quest even if the mentor is in oly (dimensional server).

Yes this point have sense. Only patch notes should be more specific. The sentence as it is seems like that If mentor is on oly then clan quest count will increase same like mentee graduade. Will be nice but i agree with you. 

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