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Last Attack Tyrr Skill


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@Juji @Hime can you please check about enchanting in this skill it's a bug or working correctly ? When skill is+0 description says that is "usable when targets HP is 20% or below", but when i start enchant skill from +1 to +15 description is changing to "usable when targets HP is 10% or below" and what this skill give when is enchanted to +++ Thank you !cwfhYF.jpga5flWK.jpgRAbK6T.jpg

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  • Joro changed the title to Last Attack Tyrr Skill

Don't worry, it's only a bug on description, because skill was changed last chronicle, before was 10% base, now base it's 20%, but maybe forgot to update description when skill will be Enchanted.

If you test, you not lose the 10% when enchant. :)


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