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Where Do We Get Levels 6, 7, 8, 9 Dyes?

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5 hours ago, BadJuJu said:

I see that we can exchange those dyes in Red Libra, but I don't know where we buy those dyes. Are they dropped on during event only, not sold in NPC shop?

You get the lv1 with 10 Crystal of Dyes and then you compound the dye you got with 1 crystal of dyes to level it.Fails a lot, don;t expect to get lv higher than 4 easily.

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13 hours ago, TimmyJohns said:

when you are combining, you only use 1 crystal?  also what happens if it fails?  do you lose the dye and crystal or only crystal?

You lose both and as said above, you get 1 powder.

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