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Desparation, Dragon Rise skill being Bugged!?


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Yesterday in Olympiad I faced a Sayha Seer Class, i used Desparation Revelation skill which is supposed to make me untargetable for 5 seconds but the Sayha Seer kept on using Skills that require a Target to be used on me. So i quickly used Dragon Rise (Skill from Dragon Shirt) to not be targetable but the Sayha Seer just kept on using skills that require a Target to be used and i lost the Match. Later that evening I again had a Sayha Seer Class as opponent but a different character and the same thing happend again as if Desparation and Dragon Rise are not Working as intented or theres something that prevents Sayha Seer from losing Target which would be news to me as there is no such thing.

When you get some free time please do some testing and possibly fix this Bug/Exploit! 

Thanks in advance! 

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Yea i guess they have all on the server lol  I just looked he is a complete liar no clue with have more than 3 seer's in top 100 and top is 105+ lol top 5 are only 110+  6 - 100 are under 110 so as i repeat

5 active ones on the server 2 have no clans soooooo.  I think my math is pretty good.  It one of most worthless classes l2 not far behind the kamael rapier class or kamael trickster lol.

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active doesnt equal being 110+ Sly ... some people dont pay for xp boosting Items ... Some also just started playing and are Active! 

Your statement was There is only about 4 Sayha Seers in existance in all of L2. So you are the Liar calling me a Liar. 

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