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First of all, Thank guys to make this move to ruin the lv5 brooch jewel prices :) Thanks! "Its not Sarcasm!"

But to be honest, NCsoft ruin Brooch Jewel boxs, so that why i post this advice, to suggest a solution for NcSoft, keep the event live.
Make all lvl between 1-5 for 100% Compound Rate, and increase the Ncoin price double or triple.

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Since Normal Progression gives you 4xLevel 2 Jewels, and Exalted gives 5x new Level 3s(instead of upgrading 100% during quest)... there is no point  to make or buy anything less than Level 5(I made Diamond 3 long ago with 5 Level 1... after 20 Level 1's spread out, I still have the same Ruby 2; AND Ruby 3 from Exalted)

Any OLD Shadai/Ultimate Jewel boxes unopened(L2Store exclusive @NCWest) should all be made the same mystery box from current event(and open/Level 1 type -> to type[?] box)

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