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On 5/23/2021 at 10:01 AM, Hellbender said:

Can a dualist have a mentor?

I don't see hardly any leveling up from 99 to 105


a dual class cannot have a mentor. once your main reaches 105, you can no longer be a mentee or have a mentor.


if you mean a duelist (the tyr warrior class), yes it can have a mentee.  However, it is not as super popular tyr to play in pve.

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54 minutes ago, Hellbender said:

If they cannot have a mentor how do they level up after you reach 100 with no more NPC buffs?

most people create a 2nd acc with an iss on it to solo, or they join a pug group and party random ppl.  you can also buy cocktails or use self buffs that are lower lvl.

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