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I totally agree with what is being said here, leveling this bracelet takes a lot of dedication and time, back when the server opened and the year after (2018-2019), there wasnt many talismans to equip and therefore this talisman was ok as it was.

Now this has to change, just as how the server changed as it became older, there is so many different options to equip and being limited to just 4 slots, when you level it up all the way to lv6 its not enough.

To put things into perspective, fully developed lv6 bracelet requires 6000 clan coins, from the level 4 clan supplies everyday you get between 6 and 8 clan coins, this makes an average of 7, that means it would take approximately ~857 days total, which is 2 years and 3 months, occasionally you can receive a very small amount from doing clan arena, i believe it was 10 clan coins, the odds are not good i have got that reward twice or thrice, though the years.

It would be nice if something can be done about the bracelet, considering how much time it takes to level up. @Hime @Juji

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