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Abuse of Probabilities.


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Ticket: (23753202)

Well I'm opening this topic, because I spent 8k400 ncoin in Spirit Stone Ancient Kingdom which is equivalent to a total of 350 Stone Stones.
Where the same has not come an augment that is good in these attempts,
I opened a ticket about the problem where the automatic response was that it was working correctly and that I should post it in the "Forum".
I replied Thanking for the automatic message, saying that he would not be right with these probabilities where he said that the mechanics are all right and "like the GM player" replied.
I asked for a test of probability from them to know how much I should spend in ncoin then to acquire an augment where it still told me that it wouldn't change where I didn't ask for change, but a test of probability.
Well I just leave my topic here giving up completely on this game's flawed mechanics where these automatic gm know the answers and don't need probabilities because if they want an item just ask NC @Juji or NC @Hime to summon the item in the game and everything is ok.

I really appreciate these flawed game odds and hope they get the best night's sleep every time knowing they are making more and more idiot players and suckers.
a big hug to those GM Maru / SAI / SON among others / "Automatic and who earn items directly in their inventories as players."

I hope they learn to take the @Juji tests and stop giving out ready-made items to these GM helpers.

The game is going according to what you want, to the hole. 



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I'd like to add to this forum post

I decided i'd like to change my +5% PvE damage augment on my Elmore +10 to +7.5% p.skill crit damage. 

I spend around 20k NCoin on augment stones to end up with +7.5% Skill Crit Rate, never saw 7.5 crit damage. I noticed i barely even saw crit damage on lower %. 

Made a ticket to complain about these insane rates. They told me it worked as intended. But I have a strange feeling that they bleep up chances during events to increase sales on the Store.

20k NCoin = 250€ = 140b+ adena to not even end up with the augment I wanted.

The cloak itself is cheaper then the amount of money I spend on getting the right augment, and ended up without the result I wanted.

After this occurance I'm cutting my NCoin purchases to the bare minimum. 

I believe u can get unlucky but i became very dissapointed.

Kind regards,


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I'm seriously thinking they have GMs monitoring players in real time,

or have a mechanism, that once u make for instance a good item then :

the probabilities drop not to 0 but even in negative, 

since I've seen in many cases myself.

doing some endgame items and after selling,

  or trying to make something else, its impossible!

well It is pure gamble mechanism, feeds you some cheese, than lets you homeless since  you chase maximum wealth !

Sad story happy ending, I've made a decision to be happy with nothing,

  move on and keep in mind internet is trash place to be,

everything on it, it's gamble based!




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