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elcadia server admin help


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On 10/30/2021 at 12:07 AM, rsfnb said:

Blackbird vs elcadia 

doesnt even come close blackbird is more fun and equal server to play 

elcadia 1 clan controling all economics 

we need more events/p2w stuff to get pet books items etc 


Both servers are PVE, there's no sides nor competition on BlackBird either. 

As much as the TWO wants to brag about their amazing daily pvp, they just don't. When it comes down to the REAL DEAL (which is dimensional contents), they all hold hands together and fight vs Epidemics from Elcadia. 

So it's pretty much pointless to brag about which server is better. One pick the server based on the GMT, it makes much more sense. 

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