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NC Soft respond for 5 people made 1000 people leave the game. Comments are yours


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Thanks for contacting the Lineage II Game Support Team.

Lineage II is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that incorporates PvPvE gameplay, meaning that Player versus Player and Player versus Environment actions are both integral parts of the overall experience.

I understand that some players may wish to minimize PvP gameplay. However, please note that it can happen in PvPvE areas. Here are some suggestions on how to handle some of the PvP situations you might encounter:

Hunt in a party. There is strength in numbers! This should protect you from the lone person of the warring clan looking for an easy kill, or any PKers that might be lurking around.
Run! Use a Blessed Scroll of Escape to return to the nearest town, or try to outrun the aggressor.

Unsolicited player versus player conflicts are considered a part of the game, and the act of PK, on its own, is not considered to be a violation of the Rules of Conduct or User Agreement. I hope this information will help you enjoy the PvE gameplay in Lineage II.

GM Kreon
NCSOFT Support Team


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There is definitely something wrong with PK system if 5 players can make 1000 players (except top clans) stop exp and enjoy the game. Now my gameplay looks like this: go transcendent dungeon, primeval island, go to toi, dv, lizardmen, get pked twice, res with 2 free reses, logout. Before I could spend lcoins and res, now I dont see any reason to spend a penny if I get pked anyway. 

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2 hours ago, T0kyo said:


What answer did you expect?

PK its part a game. Dont like this ? Ur problem. 


13 minutes ago, DisplayFoFUn said:

Gotta love of these post about Pks, the crying, the whining. People you need to understand that PvP (including PK) is 90% content of the game, so either get over it of play another game.

You guys instead of trolling need to understand that the PK feature is self-destructive. Who care if the PKing is allowed or not? It causes the players to leave and this is important.

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