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Lag - disconnect


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Hello all .. This month the game lag  like hell... the half days of this month  the lag is insane ... 1400 - 1700 ms.. the problem it isnt from my internet provider i check it 3 times with a technician that came to my home ... the problem is from your server ... i see a lot people complain about the same problem with me... did anyone will care about our problem ? Dont start to say the problem its from my side cause i play a lot of online games that the server is at america but i dont have any problem !!!

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Same here.... problems again and again  for several days  or more than a month .Some lag and dc sometimes one toon sometimes all but today i cant play at all.Huge lag maybe even 30 sec  and game is unplayble.I made a similar post about this  2-3 days ago but it seems noone care.I will cancel my next prestige no reason to pay for it if i cant play

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51 minutes ago, ffs said:

on the subject of lag etc @Hermes would you mind limiting the events that cause people to log a billion alts just sitting there afk in towns for a chance at a reward? Is that possible? 

+1 This upcoming event "Lara's Eventful Day Off" is only going to cause even more lag, disconnects and crashes due to thousands of alts logging in and standing in town. The server is already having issues and it's not event heavy. This is getting ridiculous.

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4 hours ago, AshesOfAden said:

Just wait for lara event to begin there's will be 100 times more lag..

Hermes didn't do enough research to truly understand the status of the servers and get a grip that these "pay walls" have got to ease up. More and more are quitting every day.  Guess the 1% will have to cover NCwest's salaries. 

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16 hours ago, beltway said:

Vote for only 1 window free, or, 1 prestige + 1 free from 1 computer.

By that not only you reduce lags, but also there will be more exp opportunities for alive ppl.

Has nothing to do with events last to days i find my toon dc again and again and for 3 hours yesterday i couldnt play at all from lag and dcs and later client wasnt opening at all and was saying that cant connect with server and check my connection etc....Iam closest to quit the bleeping game more than ever.

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