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Disconnects / Delays / LAG / Accessibility issues


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Step 1: opening launcher
launcher keeps loading... loading... loading
[after 2-3 minutes] Have to close launcher, cause it's non-responsive, re-opening launcher
[eventually after a couple of times] launcher opens!

Step 2: entering password, pressing "login"
Receiving message "Failed to log in. Please try again later. (-1)" (or just no message at all and have to re-enter password)
[after a couple of times] updater opens!

Step 3: Pressing "Start Game"
Receiving message "Failed to receive response from server. Check your ISP...", accepting, pressing "Start game"
Game may not launch at once; what's worse, sometimes updater disappears and have to go back to Step 1
[after several tries] game launches!

[at this point, player has already wasted 5-15 minutes]

Entering game...

Experiencing delay in everything...

Getting disconnected...

Getting back to Step 1.

We are already having second thoughts about the time (and/or money) we spend on playing the game.
We are already challenging our sanity for that part of us that insists on playing.

By making the game inaccessible or the experience disturbing, you are risking your business.

We are already at the edge; it looks like you're not doing enough to not tip us over...


Please fix this?

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