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Hierophant vs Doomcryer - Analytical table! :)


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22 hours ago, Pleistoros said:

I think you mixt up things a bit...at least in last part, chance received pm crit all iss have that and hierophant dont have shield mastery (i will log and check later).

hierophant  No have shield Mastery!
The values are correct, I considered the buffs that each class receives (Only in itself, with its liabilities), I discharged what was equal, I considered only the differences.

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20 hours ago, dUdot said:

2xPOMs is better than 2x/3x bisons (usually you have 2-3 DDs)

But in a group of 7 people, we have at least 4 DDs!
I disregarded that the ISS and the Tank also attack, in the end the buff of the Doomcryer benefits exactly between 4 ~ 6 party members. While Hierophant only benefits 2.

And the Doomcryer also features -20% cd and -15% Skills Consumption, plus all Harmony Warrior bonuses to the warrior.


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3 hours ago, SleepingPower said:

Don't know for orc but hierophant lost a lot of skills in salvation.

New skills don't do enough to be lipstick for nerfs.

My opinion is that  Hiero sucks big time in hunting alone now.

If he is going to be just buffer then he definitely don't need strength attribute but mage attributes. 

as well? Could you explain better?

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