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Apparence stone


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There is currently no plan to add Appearance Stone skinning items since we want to keep the Classic look for armor sets. There are potions and some skills that you can obtain that have the same cosmetic effect as Appearance Stones, but it will mostly go back to the Pre-GD days with Cosmetic items in-game.

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So does that mean we won't even have the appearance stones that just let us put one armor appearance, say Brigandine Heavy, over another armor, such as Blue Wolf Heavy? I understand not having the outfit appearance stones though (like the halloween outfits, school outfits, or teddy outfits, for example).

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there might be costumes available in game throu events eventually, but considering how the items system works in classic, i doubt we'll be able to change the appearence of specific gear permanently, at least not for now.

not sure how it is in KR at the moment, but up until 2.0 it should still be limited to one armor slot per outfit, like in pre-GoD versions of the game.

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