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4 hours ago, Zaaka said:

No item drop on death: They explained how they went through old logs and saw how this was the most frustrating thing to people cuz it was mainly used to grief people. Stun people at a critical moment when hunting mobs. (To the critics: Don't worry there will be plenty of other stuff to PVP over)

No looping macros: It is confirmed. They want us to play the game together and have fun!

Fishing is automated: New fishing system so if you want to do something useful while afk you can fish! The rewards are good.

No instances for hunting: There will only be open world hunting. No hiding away because you don't want to face the music from the clan you just pissed off. PVP! :)

No auction house: Get that private store up at a strategic location to make more money than you would on the AH.

9 people in a party: Again they encurage us to play together and because there are 31 classes there is a spot in groups for most classes! (No we don't need an overlord the AOE root is not THAT needed)

Content updates ongoingly: Based on player progression they will add new content. No having to wait for the korean devs. It will all happen in the pace the server is moving.

And much more... :) 


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12 hours ago, Mage said:

Do you mean no drop on death, or no drop from mobs? I guess from mobs?  I think they still have drops, correct me if I'm wrong. oh I think you mean no drop from death to mobs. gotcha.

No drop on death from mobs or normal PVP. Red people still can drop items depending on their PK count. At least thats how I understood it. :) 

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