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3 hours ago, Karmageddon said:

You mean xp rate. The mount is not a drop it's a skill ✔

Then it is not a mount, it is a transformation.

Though then again… All mounts introduced since Gracia were transformations; I'll just have to accept it.

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Mounts were hatchling you let follow you for a ton of lvls leeching xp until it finally lvls enough to evolve to strider. There was also 3rd evolution of wolf, fenrir which was both a mount, and a solid kill speed boost... I was going to start lvling my wolf as soon as I hit gludio and could do the quest, since my SWS plan of attack was faster killing, slower lvling with a greatwolf, for better drops per lvl.... but the quest wasn't there, which kind of screws over my SWS plans, so I'm not holding out much hope for hatchling quest to be there either.

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