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  1 hour ago, nbx said:

Part of the patch that just got implemented, or part of the patch that you have but still have to test?

Also, any kind of ETA for that patch? If you have it and you can test, then I assume it shouldn't take more than a day or maybe two, right?

Part of the patch that we have that still needs to be tested. ETA is tentative for this week


Im giving this until Friday. Ive played plenty of games where you had to sit with your thumb up your arse while they "tested" fixes for months but never seemed to fial to put out more cash shop items. I urge you all to put your foot down also. Back when subs were a thing they had to work to keep you playing. Cash shops give companies the ability to not care because they know one naive player will pay for the 10 who leave.

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Lol did my post get auto translated? They have had more than 2 days, people sitting around at the wall waiting to be able to afford low d grade at level 40 is obviously not enough of a concern to work on since the day it was brought up.. During their live stream on what? Thursday? But about those 2 cahs shops hats they put in. Thats what really matters

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Judt feels like their top priority was getting people in to buy cash shop stuff lol not making it easier for the people who have already dropped their money.  Look at BDO, they took a massive turn and started ignoring end game issues and only focused on getting new players to the game. Why? Because the old players already bought all their weight inventory and costumes for each character they played. 

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