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EXP penalty between party members.


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I assume that table of exp penalty from L2wiki is not accurate for this server. I simply can't find other explanation.

Difference in lvls Gained XP
1 ~98%
2 ~95%
3 ~93%
4 ~91%
5 ~88%
6 ~86%
7 ~83%
8 ~81%
9 ~78%
10 ~23%
11 ~22%
12 ~21%
13 ~20%
14 ~19%
15 and more 0%
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3 hours ago, AskeQQ said:

It is exp from 3 mobs : lv 26, lv 27, lv 28

Other your questions does not really matters. @Juji should inform us in patch note what is the penalty between exp in party on this server.




It does matter because you're assuming that the bonus from VIP is part of the % calculation.  If you remove the bonus, the %s may change.

As kaho said, there is also a bonus for being in a party.  It's probably true that the calculations on the wiki are not the same as what we have here, but without knowing your baseline numbers, who knows.

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