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little advice plz


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hi everyone, im a tyrr titan and have a tauti 2H, and sos , i want to improve my damage but only have 6 billion for that so i want to know if is a good way to sell the tauti and get a better weapon, dont know enchanced shadow slasher or retributer  maybe, or try to get more adenas and get something better, or any trick that can work ... other stuff seraph +8 , ruby lvl 3 , queen ant and baium soul, octavis necklage , abundance lvl 1  waiting for replys, ty anyway and sorry for my english :/ 

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Are good with good price for spend 6bi Adenas.

Ring of Creator (600kk Adenas +-)
Queen Ant Soul (1bi100 Adenas +-) or
Baium Soul (2bi300 Adenas +-)
Octavis Necklace - normal (600kk Adenas +-)
Octavis Shirt (300kk Adenas +-)
Venir Stage 8 or +

Depending on your choice will be left to buy a Talisman Logging.

Compare your weapon to Shadow Slasher Enchanced*, see if it's better, if it's. 


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