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Xp buffs not working?


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Hi, i want to know if buffs are not working... im getting bonus xp half of the total amount when im using the folowing:
1) Rune xp 50%
2) Angel cat energy 20%
3) attendance reward 10%

4)Scroll regular xp 30%

5)special fruit buff 5%

6) clan fortune 3%

is there a cap for 50% buff in the server?

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1 hour ago, Sakumi said:

Unless you are like 50+ that's such a waste of EXP buffs haha

It really doesnt matter what lvl i am, if they dont work why even put them in the game, or worst... sell them to you?

33 minutes ago, Lawman said:

Good question. If this is true it is either a bug or out and out fraud. 

I really hope there is no "CAP" in the xp and its just a bug. they actually sold me a "50% xp rune" i been using for the past days and as i look into this, it does not even give exactly +50%. And with carefull look into each item, all of them states that they work, regardless of something else. so, i really hope its a bug and i can get back all the xp buffs i used this days.


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1 hour ago, rangomal said:

yeh i realised the same.I had 80% exp boost total (halloween 30%-scroll 30|%-angel cat 20%) and yet the bonus was only 50%.It seems there is a cap

Bonus EXP % = ( Bonus EXP * 100 ) / Difference Between Total EXP - Bonus EXP
For example:

I am 37 lvl. and I have Lingering Halloween lvl 3 (+30% EXP) + 50% Rune EXP +25% VIP lvl 4 EXP + Clan Fortune lvl 1 (3% EXP) ==> Total 108% Bonus EXP.

Total EXP - Bonus EXP = 4455 - 2313 = 2142

I get 4455 XP , (Bonus: 2313) ===> Total EXP - Bonus EXP = 2142
Bonus EXP % = 2313 * 100 / 2142  ~= 107,98319327731092436974789915966 %

So I guess there is no cap to me. You just need to know simple maths.

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