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Enchant Weapon D grade no-tradable?


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39 minutes ago, douglaswhisper said:

in candy box i take a enchant Weapon D grade, but this enchant dont pass in trade...

my friend tell me about this, if i enchant my weapon using this enchant, my weapon no pass in trade anymore? realy?


Your friend is lying to you. Your weapon will not bind to you if you enchant it using a non-tradeable event scroll.

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No, your weapon will pass in trade, I already tested this, I got a Enchant Weapon D from the Candy Box too with my Shillen Oracle, I gave her my Goat Head, I enchant it and gave it back to my Wizzard no problem, you could also sell the enchant if the other person trust you giving the weapon and when you give back the item enchanted he gives you the adena, but is a trust game, dont recomend trying it unless is a friend.

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