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Kiss of Eva - Broken Skill


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First off - I realize this skill no longer has anything to do with the breath gauge.  That being said, the skill is supposed to increase your M. Atk by 5% for 20min unless I have misread the description.

The skill currently does absolutely nothing except waste 20 mana - so it is currently still a completely useless skill.

When cast on yourself - it does NOT increase your M. Atk at all and there is no change to your M. Atk in the stat window.

If the skill is meant to increase the damage dealt for each particular M. Atk skill, ie. Wind Strike, Ice bolt - then it is still not working as there is no increase to any damage dealt period.

Thanks very much.

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5 hours ago, SaVagE said:

no M atak, m skills power, so u will not see this in ur stats

Ok then when the skill is cast on myself I should still be doing more damage using my magic skills such as Wind Strike or Ice Bolt and that is not happening, so again... the skill is not working.  I also understand 5% is not a massive increase but I should at least notice a difference in damage per shot using Wind Strike and I currently do the exact same amount of damage whether the skill is cast on myself or not.

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