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Hello Folks

I've been wondering if there is a list with all current events that are running.
I started now to gather some pumpkinface boxed... no luck so far with it's content but it is as it is.

But I heard ppl talking about a Fishing event to get something and also something with a Boss box in Ruins of...
Someone can show me where I can read up such things?
I really struggle with adena and equippment... maybe that's because I did not practice in those events..... I even made me a box warrior to farm solo. (I'm main cleric)

Greets Cally

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3 minutes ago, Dhol said:

You didn't even bother to look there properly, did you?


Here is info about Boss Event - https://www.lineage2.com/news/classic-launch-events (scroll down a bit).

Fishing is not an event, its a permanent feature so it's not there.

Launch events .... *facepalm*
YEah, you're right, I didn't read into it propperly.. I was sure it was about the launch packs -.-"

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Another silly question... how do I find these bosses?
There is nothing in ruins of dispair. :/

Tumran Bugbear Warrior

Solo, Levels Lv. 17- 24

Ruins of Agony

Box of Tears

Ruin Imp Elder

Solo, Levels Lv. 17 - 24

Ruins of Despair

Decayed Box

Ol Mahum Novice

Party, Levels Lv. 17 - 29

Abandoned Camp

Shabby Box

Turek Orc Elder

Party, Levels Lv. 24 - 30

Orc Barracks

Crude Box

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6 minutes ago, Dhol said:

They spawn with 12h reuse now. GL.

w0000t... who invented that crappy "welcome event"?
and I thought I could get some equip from that box ... meh
Ok.... screw that shit... back to farming lvl 16mobs -.-

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Just do some digging and look why they changed that. It was a terrible event, bosses had 10min respawn and all u had to do was to sit there around on afk. There were hundreds of people there just AFK their boxes 24/7 and the queues because of that were crazy.

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