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  1. Strike

    How about striking during maintenance? *giggles*
  2. wl 40+ amor

    As far I heard does the evasion suck inpve... the rate is so low that it's almost useless. I have a Chain set for my 50+ WL... goes very well. Good thing on the set is you can use higher gloves and boots and it counts into the 5% p.def bonus.
  3. Warlord question

    I'm lvl 56 WL and haven't learned that skill yet.... getting good along without it...
  4. You can login as many chars as your VMs can handle. But you need to reactive activate every hour the buff and claim your reward. I didn't even get in some rounds the Oriann Coins.... which kinda sux
  5. Want to Change Weapon +16

    then find a player who is willing to do that trade...
  6. Oriana Girl is a scam?

    That's the purpose of it. They want that maybe out of 8000 Players only 20 get a Epic Juwelery. And olse the other prices should be really low. The consolation prizes are also minimal.
  7. Many questions related VIP

    Let's see if I can atleast help on some questions: 1) Every 5th - 10th mob drops a coin... sometimes I get more, sometimes less. I didn't notice a difference between VIP3 and 4 on the coin drop rate. 2) If you have VIP4 and party with someone with VIP0 you have drop chances like VIP2... so, non VIPs drag you down. There are other optinons that say the last hit would matter... and again other say lat hit matters only on raid bosses.... But the first one is the one that makes sense the most... the other two could be exploitet too easy. 3) Spoil sux no matter what... even with VIP4 was no difference noticable... cuz the rates are just so extremely low. >.<
  8. No, it's not. But there are so many thousands of bot that they can't keep up with banning them. And just recording a bot hoard following each other seems not to be enough evidence. To make a propper bot report over ticketing you need prooved evidence... so far I banned aroun 26 bots that were in my way.
  9. Cursed Sword Akamanah/Zariche

    Do you really think someone having Zariche would hunt bots? They would only kill 10 to lvl up Zariche and then go for players cuz ppl are jerks.
  10. Sea of Spores Speelbook ?

    They do... but the drop chances are way lower than stated in L2wiki.
  11. Relax man -.- The maintenance is every week. This can be sometimes abit more or less. That's already calculated in the use of the 7day runes... compensations are only given on "unplanned" interruptions.
  12. Leveling from 20 and so on

    Well... on that low lvl you won't be able to earn 400k by just grinding with a NG weapon. Back then there was no other way to earn money. Your best chance is probably to join a clan and borrow left-over equipment.... and then grinding and joining low lvl raids for fast lvling till 35.
  13. Leveling from 20 and so on

    Well, I did in the elf village quest the two quests that give 1k adena each. About 150 times... together with two weapon fulldrops I was able to effort a loe D weapon. After that it's just grinding mobs. Getting D fulldrops or craft low D stuff to crystallize.... that's how ya get money for higher D stuff. The 30-days weapon cupon do you get sometimes on a event and will be spawned into the WH.
  14. Assuming I were to start playing...

    Yeah... I don't like multiboxing either. I had to abandon my Idea to make a main PP.....
  15. Assuming I were to start playing...

    Well.... dual boxing is again absolutely normal. Every mage has his own SE and fighters mostly some kinda buffer. There is not really much "party play" going on till lvl 40. Everyons is doing his own thing. But you can always join AoE partys in Abandoned camp around lvl 30 with a nuker or Tank.... farming money for later equipment. Also in higher lvls are "AoE" partys kinda popular... single target hunters can barely suststain themself with shots. I Think Dark Avanger is a kinda handy class.... you can join AoE partys but with the panter can you also hunt solo here and there. A buff box is sure helpful but amulets/spellbooks are expensive later >.<
  16. Well.... this has been announced since the Dragon pendants came up. They they will not be available forever.... why would try to buy them when the event is over?
  17. Am i wasting my time making my main a WC?

    Yap, unfortunately is Main-Supporter not a very good choice. Most ppl have already their own buffer/supporter box and prefer that one in party so they don't share drops. That was also the reason why I changed from Main PP to a box and create a DD to hunt.
  18. CANT to logg in

    same here -.-
  19. I broke all on +1 or +2..... that didn't really feel like 70% success rate.... more like 30% >.<
  20. Question about future

    Always ready to clear things up! Which point you're referring to? There might be ppl, that like surprises. Even if this question would be answered by an GM... what would it change? The players still wouldn't know how powerful these items would be that come into the store. I don't think this scene would happen: "Oh my gosh! now they added an Ring that has an activated ability on it with 2% atk speed for 30 secons. IF I WOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT EARLYER, THEN I WOULD HAVE QUIT BACK THEN WHEN THEIS WEIRD THREAD HAD BENN ANSWERED! *add drama here* " If they add the next item that is as powerfull as the Pendants, then som eplayers will leave... some will spend 200$ and maaany others just wouldn't care cuz they like playing with their friends. :3 *insert happy thoughts*
  21. Question about future

    Why would you want to know? It goes how it goes. If you don't like it go and if ya think you can live with it... stay. Can't really understand why everyone tries to be so dramatic...
  22. coliseum

    Maybe as an additional note: If you die in an Arena, for example Giran... you get teleported back to the town and not the Arena entrance. Not sure if that should be like that. >.>
  23. Class change

    Check l2wiki.com no super english knowledge required. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Path_of_the_Elven_Wizard
  24. Well, I bought also pendants for 20$ and everything crashed at +2. I have to admit, that the success chance is kinda low. But I'm surprised that you thought you'd get a "simple lvl 3 +" with just 100$...
  25. registration for the event

    To be hones.... I don't know where you're pointing at. What do you want to tell us with that? You just repost the announcement.... and?