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Year 1ac: Fall : The Sukar Ratman Chief : Aden Active Lore


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“Failure… How absolutely wonderful it is. Failure is your best friend, greatest teacher and the only way toward greater things. You should never run from it, try to avoid it or be fearful of it, instead embrace it, run towards it, and cherish it. In the end, failure is the only path toward personal growth, people don’t fear failure, they simply fear to be the best possible version of themselves. At all times It is always you versus yourself…” ~ The Legendary Lord Punish

The Legendary Lord barely escapes the ballistic trajectory of the nimble yet irritated dwarf being thrown across the field outside the skirts of Gludio by the Sukar Ratman Chief, it was painful to watch Orticus fly through the air like a scruffy three-foot tall missile. Watching helplessly, the lord could do nothing as the Chief ripped the head off a young barely 20 something spell caster and proceeds to devour an entire party of melee soldiers with a single area of effect attack.

Needless to say, the RAID the young lord had shouted to the realm from the east gate of Gludio was not necessarily going successfully from the perspective of the hundreds of poor souls currently engaged with the Ratman Chief and his minions. Death was everywhere, even those who answered the call clad in their MoonStone Armor were no match for the Chief’s vicious onslaught.

Punish understood the price of knowledge and the eager souls being annihilated before him were paying that price. He had done this purposefully.


Punish had not had the capability before to reach the ears of the entire realm when he had realized he could be heard by every citizen of Aden he instantly recognized its true potential. He had dreamed of the great things that could be accomplished by inspiring his fellow citizens to some action toward a common goal, he had watched from the gate as the Sukar Ratman Chief had ambushed unsuspecting travelers on their way to Gludio and wondered why no one had attempted to challenge the powerful creature.

Surely the citizens wanted to, there had to have been some that were willing to challenge this powerful adversary but only needed to believe it was possible. The Prince would certainly try alone if he felt he alone could defeat the Chief, the town guards had discussed tactics openly and it was wildly understood only a RAID would have any chance of success.

There was only one problem.

The Prince of Devianne had absolutely no idea how to organize a RAID… certainly, a pre-requisite was to be some type of experience in handling such effort, there had to have been someone out there who had this knowledge, yet the Ratman Chief still terrorized the countryside, yet how did THEY attain that knowledge in the first place… It’s not as if they were gifted from the gods at birth to have the knowledge, somewhere, someone at some time had taken it upon themselves to attain it…

Even if it meant at a great cost of life in pursuit of such knowledge.

The decision was easy to make, the Lord wanted this knowledge for himself, no one would simply give it to him, no one would hold his hand and tell him everything would go perfectly smooth or guarantee success was assured with absolute certainty. If you want something, you simply go for it.

It is always you versus yourself.

So the call was made.

Punish shouted from the east gate of Gludio, “All citizens of Aden of every profession, guild rank of 20 to 25 come with me to RAID the Sukar Rat Man Chief East of Gludio!”

And just like that, the pent of desires of the Citizens of Aden were unleashed in a torrent, first there was one, then five, then 20, 50, 60, 100 soldiers amassed at the East Gate of Gludio, itching to take a shot at the terrible creature they had heard so much about. The more that showed up, the more others recognized and wanted to attempt the challenge toward a common cause.

 Instantly the excitement was felt rising in the soldiers, they honestly really wanted this to happen, had been wanting this and a simple call to arms was all it took. The young lord smiled at the display in front of him, the sheer force inspired into action by a few simple words of encouragement was simply amazing. Then the crowd began to speak, people were asking questions he had no answers for or had even anticipated.

“Who is leading the damage group?” an unknown voice could be heard, “Who is the main tank?” another stated flatly. Punish contemplated the answers to these questions and produced answers as best he could, but each successive question only leads to even more confusion.


And then it happened….

For no cause, direction, rhyme or reason.

Punish watched as one lone soldier with enthusiastic anticipation could no longer remain and wait as the RAID formed their parties, just one single person broke ranks and began running out the east gate with vigor, quickly heads turned, and everyone took notice. First by inch, then by a few steps and before a word could escape the young Lords lips the entire force barely able to contain themselves was in full march out the East Gate of Gludio because a single soldier began running in the direction of the Ratman Chief.

One moment he had 100 soldiers and the next none because of ONE person?

“I’ll have to make a note of that, hunger runs high when in these situations arise and movement inspires movement,” he thought to himself. Arriving behind his force at the Sukar Ratman Chief camp Punish watched the beast eye the opposing force and simply waited for the inevitable attack.

“Who has the COMMAND CHANNEL! This will FAIL if we don’t have one for GODS SAKE!” shouted, “WHO IS ORGANIZING THIS!”. Punish, asking himself more so than anyone else…. “What the hell is a command channel?” then the direct whispers came

“Are you leading the RAID?” one citizen inquired, “When are we going to attack?!” another asked, “Who are you to organize this?!” yet another demanded, “This is SO COOL!”, “WHO IS RUNNING THIS RAID IS IT YOU!”, “WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE IF YOU DON’T A COMMAND CHANNEL UP NOW!”, “You are so $#%@ed LOL”.

Punish simply stared at the blank faces and began to whisper back “Hey, what do you mean about a command cha….”

And then it happened…. … … AGAIN

Punish watched as one lone mystic with enthusiastic anticipation could no longer remain and wait let lose a lone Windstrike against the Sukar Ratman Chief… As if anticipating the attack, the Ratman Chief simply smiled at the lone mystic, snapped his fingers to his minions and proceeded to step forward into the eager Army. All the other soldiers witnessing the attack followed suit nearly instantaneously, and in a matter of moments, the scene deteriorated into absolute and total Chaos… Having just sent dwarves flying, and tossing the now DETACHED head of the lone mystic at the feet of the young lord, the Sukar Ratman Chief proceeded to dismember each of the 100 soldiers in the most barbaric ways known to the realm.

“LOL”, “I TOLD YOU THIS WOULD HAPPEN”, “Congratulations you just pissed off half the server against you”, “DUMBASS” came the whispers, and shouts. “WAY TO GO PUNISH”

Dwarves were crying, flying, dying. Mystics were headless, dead and now unenthusiastic, bodies lay motionless at the feet of the Ratman Chief as the onslaught of a 100 soldiers barely put a scratch on the RAID Boss as his minion healers mitigated all damage being applied to him directly. Punish witnessing the carnage made a note of that fact, mused “I suppose that can’t be good that his minion is healing him now, can it? We should probably take that guy out first... hmmm”

“YA THINK GENIOUS!” a soldier somehow managed to shout as they fell to the ground lifeless.

All the Legendary Lord could do was witness the display of force and make observations, some citizens were shouting commands that made sense, some shouting tactics the Prince had never heard of before, others continued to ridicule and chastise the Lord for his lack of organization.

“I needed to do this to bring out those of you who know his weaknesses, I needed to learn what was necessary to defeat him!” shouted the Lord, “I needed to fail to learn how to succeed…”

“YOU DESERVE to be KILLED back to RANK 1 for this!” Shouted Bullshift

The young lord continued to watch helplessly as the Ratman Chief destroyed his army, the dead were too numerous to count and as the last man fell the Ratman Chief flashed a smile at the young lord and his ignorant ambition…. “It is only me versus myself, me versus myself, me versus myself….” The Lord kept telling himself. As the soldiers were resurrected from the battlefield by the volunteer support forces… Punish spoke to those who would remain as the rest of the Army dispersed. The lone and former ballistic dwarf Orticus stayed until the end and said “I don’t think they realize this is what it takes… this is what’s necessary to be at the top.” The defeated and now ridiculed lord could only reply, “Thank you, but I think I’m going to be sick.”

And then it happened.

“You can purchase a strategy guide from the merchant in Dion… that will help you create a command channel.” Whispered a young orc he cast is escape scroll…

Punish could only nod… responding, “Thank you, I did not know that until now.” Limping into Dion the Prince checked the shop, and there it was, he purchased the guide for 12,000 adena but the price he’d paid to come to know of its existence was far greater than simple coin. As he sit down to read the guide and understand the basics of a command channel the Prince was reminded again of the lessons he’d learned as a Clan Lord. You fail forward, it’s only you versus yourself. Don’t be afraid to be the best possible version of yourself, sometimes it will cost you.

As he thumbed through the guide, his eyebrows raised slightly he sighed ”That certainly would have helped…”

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