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advice on boxing


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Do you have any useful tips for efficient boxing with just one pc? Of course, without using any third-party programs.

What I am asking is;

- How do you position the windows? Are they side by side or on top of each other?

- Is there a setting in windows that allows quick switch between the boxes? Like a combination of keys or just with the mouse?

- How do you deal with boxes who need constant care, like spoiler who must actively spoil every mob? Is it doable or exhausting?

- Is it possible to save the emails and passwords in shortcuts to be ready for launching?

- Any other things you want to mention

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switching windows can you do with "Alt + Tab"... make sure you don't have anything else open.

Active box like spoiler will be extremely difficult.
I have a cleric box and I made a bunch of ingame macros ... so I just switch, press F2 and switch back.
And the macro has stuff like:
/target MainChar
/useskill heal
/useskill heal

And so on

That's all on tips I can give ya.
I personally hate boxing.... but I'm not getting around it here. :/

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spoiling with box can be a very sad activity , but thats how ive done it in the past :

/target maincharacter


use spoil


/delay 6 (or more/less depending on the hp of the mobs and how fast u kill em)

use sweep

----and now depending on what u do you can add lines like /target mainchar /follow  etc


--about boxes on taskbar , ive learnt to use windowed mode and always click 1st account main char , 2nd is the least used one so 20minute buffers go there, 3rd for more frequently used buffers like sws/bd , 

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