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Libra, how does reawakening work ?


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Hi guys 

no one answered me in game so i came here

my dual is dark elf Tank. if i want to reawaken it, what other classes i can choose ? 

should it be from the same race? for example, dark elf tank to dark elf yul

or it should be tank but from other races ?

i need detailed answer please and Thanks in advance for your help. 

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You can reawaken to whatever class you want (tank or not), except Maestro and Dominator. It doesn't have to be the same race, it can be anything (example: dark elf tank to sagitarius (human yul).

You will keep your dual class level on the new class. You will lose enchanted skills.

You will need SP to learn all your new class skills again (from 85 to whatever level you were on).

And I think that's it. Good luck :D

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Thnx for your reply friend, was helpful 

actually i don't know what dual i should change to. dark elf tank wasn't that good with me, even my main (Titan) has more p/m.def than my dual

some people told that shillien templer is more to be offensive than defensive.

Still confused which tank is better for PvE more than templer 

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