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  1. Since its more profitable for a full CP, instead of an active 9 man party, to log in every member his own macro bot party on lv 65-70 necrópolis, devil isle , giant cave(x2 hp mobs) or well every low lv spot... We can legitimally consider every high lv hunting zone of the game 100% bug.
  2. Since last patch ncsoft is scamming every D grade weapon user. C grade weapons use the same number of shoulshot. Aim for C grade asap.
  3. Fix your servers ncfail. We are being constantly disconected… And fire the guy in charge of the new launcher thing.
  4. Finally clan arena fixed...Now start working on adena, drop and sp rates, adjust blood crystal, evolution stones and cloth piece drop,fix sieges, back to old olys, adjust oly reward prizes, remove tp in pvp, give compensation for last week server crashes... go slowpokes move youre late.
  5. Lineage, L2, Aion, Blade and soul and GW2 are all of them dead games. Ncsoft is just milking their whales before they shut down everything and focus on their new mobile games.
  6. Stop this madness Juji, keep the oly like it is. Buffer clases are already struggling there. You already demonstrated your incompetence enough, just DONT touch anything. Whatever you think, inmediately forgot about it.
  7. So, there are places where you can summon others for free with a skill… but you cant summon yourself with a paid feature that cost real money. Thats not intended, thats retarded. Well, less money for ncsoft.
  8. Same situation in Giran server, just add some more bots. No wars. No fight for bosses. No pvp at sieges, No olys running except last weekend or when the rmt clan that rules the server decides to feed someone. Market dead no one has adena. Time for merge...Come on ncsoft you just need to work once, merge all 4 dead servers into 1.
  9. Just dont. Dont give any $. Either find a cp/clan and join macro festival like everyone else or leave. Adena, drop and spoil are 5 times inferior what they should be. There isn´t any zone worth of an active playing. Keep your main chars macro in elemental zones for XP and just move for raids/olympiad. Secondary ones macro party outside aden to get some adena. After 8 months its not like there are going to fix adena/spoil or care about bots. When game is dead enough for you leave.
  10. They promised proper compensation for they constants fails, well they got no time for that… but dont worry, they had time for another p2w "event", yay.... Oh, and 50% extra xp/sp amulet for 1 week, which is exactly the same as 500kk exp 15kk sp every day for 4 weeks, right ncsoft?
  11. Good to hear. Just be more active and use common sense faster. This very same message should have been delivered 48 hours ago.
  12. So, instead 500kk exp and 15kk sp free every day we got a usseless 50% extra xp/sp…..Ncfail again. How incompetent can you be?. Just remove the broken winner´s reward and spawn cakes on every city, problem solved, everyone happy.
  13. Server is unplayable. Hello Juji? Hime? Someone? Restart the server, disable and fix the event.
  14. Here we go again, server unplayable and infinite loop of cakes. GJ ncsoft. Event disabled on second most populated server but "running" on most populated one. Genius.
  15. Whole Giran server was unplayable for hours, not only on event area. We killed several cakes, for hours, with no reward….in 30min its going to happen again. Do something slowpokes, at least open a damm post to let us know you are aware of the problem.
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